Quaker Special Risk (QSR) was founded in 1960 by Frank S. Walsh in a small, two desk office in Newark, NJ.  Today, there are two more generations of Walshes and five office locations.  Although we are a far cry from where we began in size, and we have long outgrown the original office, the same values that our company was founded on remain intact.  Our goal continues to be to provide insurance agents and brokers with unique insurance solutions for even their most challenging of risks.

Each of our five offices provides national underwriting capabilities.  We continue to meet the changing marketplace through product development and access to over 75 markets, a number that continues to grow.  We understand the value of growth can only be measured by the strength in the relationships we form along the way.  QSR still holds many of the same relationships as we did five decades ago.

Our experience in the industry has given us the knowledge to turn our forward thinking ideas into successful programs.  We have created special programs to meet the needs of our insureds as they deal with the changing trends within their own industries.  The economic and judicial climates are at the forefront of our development as they undeniably impact our insureds’ everyday lives.

Despite our continual innovation, our commitment remains to provide quality service to our agents and brokers, and to offer superior coverage to the insured on behalf of the highly rated insurance carries we represent.

If you are not an insurance agent or broker, and you would like our assistance in placing coverage, please browse through our site and ask your local agent/broker to contact us.