Architects & Engineers

Gain access to over 20 A&E markets through Quaker Special Risk.  All projects start with a plan and then proceed to design before construction begins.  At some point in the planning, design, or construction, a problem may occur and the responsibility may be traced back to the beginning stages.  Purchasing Architects and Engineers Professional Liability is not only going to offer coverage for the error or omission that happened, but will provide legal defense to mitigate a large financial burden.

We can help place accounts with primary limits up to $10M and unlimited excess limits.  Deductibles are as low as $0.  There are also aggregate deductibles available.

Special Coverages Include:

  • Combined Professional Liability and General Liability Form
  • No Mold Exclusion
  • True Worldwide Coverage
  • Specific Client Excess
  • Project Specific Excess
  • Pollution Out of Professional Services Coverage
  • Green Design
  • Free Pre-Claims Assistance
  • Punitive Damages Coverage Where Insurable by Law
  • Waiver of Subrogation Provision When Required by Contract
  • First Dollar Defense Coverage
  • Consent to Settle Provision – 50/50 Co-Share Between Insured and Insurer
  • Mediation Credit
  • Insured Persons to Include Temporary, Leased and Retired Personnel
  • Regulatory or Administrative Action Reimbursement (ADA, FFHA, OSHA)
  • Extended Reporting Period Options From 12 Months to Unlimited
  • 2 Year Policy Terms
  • Automatic 60-day Coverage for Acquired or Merged Entities
  • Named Insured Definition includes Predecessor Firms and Joint Ventures
  • Final Adjudication Provision for Intentional or Dishonest Acts

Sample Risks Bound

Submission Requirements:

  • Completed A&E Application
  • 5 Years of Currently Valued Company Loss Runs
  • Largest Projects List
  • Resumes’ of Key Personnel

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