Environmental issues are a top concern for politicians on local and national levels.  This concern has heightened the awareness of our eco-responsibility.  Whether you are performing asbestos abatement, a one-man painting company, or operating a dry cleaning facility, there is an environmental exposure.  Most General Liability policies exclude Pollution Liability, an exclusion that many businesses and building owners may overlook because they don’t see an obvious exposure.

Quaker Special Risk has access to over 15 competitive Environmental Markets providing the following products:

Environmental Contractors and Consultants Pollution Liability

  • Ability to write GL/PL/CPL coverage combinations or monoline Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Some markets without an action over or labor law exclusion
  • Primary wording and waiver of subrogation
  • Defense outside the limits in most cases
  • OCP and Railroad Protective policies available in conjunction with Package
  • Separate Builders Risk Pollution Liability available

Storage Tank Pollution Liability

  • In service tanks that currently meet state and federal regulations
  • Target tanks that are under 20 years of age
  • Storage Tank Repair or Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Limits up to $1,000,000 each claim/$10,000,000 Aggregate Policy Limit
  • Minimum policy premiums starting at $500

Site Pollution / Environmental Impairment Liability

  • In-place asbestos and lead paint coverage
  • Can provide coverage for known or pre-existing environmental conditions
  • Business interruption and extra expense coverage third party
  • Onsite cleanup and third party liability coverage for environmental contamination

Manufacturer’s and Products Pollution Liability

  • Coverage includes General Liability, Products Pollution, Contractors Pollution, and Onsite/Third Party Site Pollution
  • Preferred risks include Alternative Energy and Clean Fuel Technologies, Non-Mechanical Products, certain types of Chemicals or Batch Goods, and Environmental Monitoring and Remediation Systems

Available Enhancements for Certain Products:

  • Multi-Year Terms
  • Mold Coverage
  • Transporters Spill Liability
  • Excess Follow Form Liability

Submission Requirements:

* Manufacturer’s and Products Risks Only – Product Brochure, Warranty, Quality Control Procedure and Product Recall Plan

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