Excess Auto Liability

Quaker Special Risk specializes in hard to place commercial auto for risks that cannot find coverage in the standard market. Some common account characteristics are new entities, driver issues, truck accounts, recent shock losses, or unique risks on any cargo type.

To submit a piece of new business, please provide us with the following:

  • Completed ACORD application
  • Five (5) years of currently valued loss runs
  • Vehicle breakdown
  • MVRs and Drivers List (only if available)
  • Primary Carriers/Premium

Targeted Classes of Commercial Auto

  • Airport Shuttles
  • Ambulances / Ambulettes
  • Certain Hired & Non-Owned (e.g., Pizza Delivery)
  • Contractor Fleets
  • Limos / Taxis (No Independent Owners)
  • Para Transit
  • Petroleum Product Haulers
  • School Buses
  • Truckers
  • Waste Haulers


  • Maximum limit is $10M
  • Maximum limit for Charter Buses is $5M
  • Attachment within the lead $25M
  • Minimum Attachment Points
  • $250,000 on Auto Liability buffers (difference to $1M CSL)