Life Sciences

QSR has worked with many specialty carriers for decades that provide tailored solutions to the Life Sciences industry. We work with specialist underwriters, loss control engineers and claims departments to cover the unique exposures faces by life sciences companies. The sector encompasses an array of different businesses that require bespoke coverage development.

We insure companies operating in many capacities of the life sciences field, including:


Medical device equipment manufacturers and importers:

*Diagnostic, imaging and monitoring equipment

*Surgical & therapeutic devices

*Radiation emitting devices

*Implants & prostheses


Life Sciences Software Technology products:

*Medical device software companies

*Health Informatics

*Research software companies

*Statistical and data management consulting


Drugs & biologics manufacturers:

*Blood and blood components/derivatives

*Dietary supplements

*Medically prescribed dietary foods

*Viruses, serums, vaccines, antitoxins to be used for disease prevention, treatment or cure


Healthcare Products Development:

*Clinical Trials

*Clinical Research Organizations

*Contract Manufacturers

*Life Sciences products distributors and logistics

*Life Sciences products “packagers”

*Research Labs