As Managing General Agent for a number of companies, the QSR Binding Division can help you place coverage for virtually any type of account

Construction Managers Program

Quaker Special Risk understands the unique set of risks and challenges faced by Construction Managers and has designed an integrated general liability and professional liability package for CMs, closing the gaps on coverage while offering a new level of comfort and service.

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Luxury Home Builders Program

Residential General Contractors must be involved solely in the construction of single family homes which will subsequently be sold to individual unit owners. Maximum 25 new starts per policy year.

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Artisan & General Contractors

With our office headquarters located in the Northeast, the large construction presence has helped us become familiar with the special needs and requirements that contractors are facing. In response, we’ve custom designed several programs to provide contractors with superior coverage.

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Personal Lines

Quaker Personal Insurance Solutions provides a wide array of admitted and non-admitted solutions for your affluent personal lines clients.

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Notable Accounts:

Environmental contractor with $1MM/$2MM limits. Premium $6,500. $5MM excess premium $6,000.